Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Bad Boys 2 Marcus on ecstasy.

The reason we shot them driving to the captains house is because we wanted to set the scene, it allowed us to hint that marcus was feeling the effects of the ecstasy instead of starting the scene in the captains house. We used a variety of shots to give the viewer the impression that they were sat with him when he was filmed, the reason we didn't use many close ups inside the house is because we wanted to included mike and the captain in the shots so it would seem as if they were looking at him in the shot it also gives a 3rd person effect because marcus or the captain will be in the shot and its shot from the others perspective.

The close up of marcus looking at the fish threw the tank so his head looks bigger and stretched and not the fish, it was from the fishes perspective. This shot was easy to film and the close up worked a lot better than a medium shot because his face looks bigger and stretched.

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